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[v4,10/10] Make libc symbols hidden in static PIE

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Series fix ifunc with static pie [BZ #27072] | expand

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Szabolcs Nagy Jan. 18, 2021, 4:26 p.m. UTC
Hidden matters with static PIE: extern symbol access in position
independent code usually involves GOT indirections which needs
RELATIVE relocs in a static linked PIE. Hidden visibility avoids
indirections and RELATIVE relocs on targets that can access symbols

The check should use IS_IN_LIB instead of IS_IN(libc) since all
static libraries can use hidden visibility to avoid indirections,
however the test system links objects from libcrypt.a into dynamic
linked test binaries so hidden does not work there.  I think mixing
static and shared libc components in the same binary should not be
supported usage, but to be safe only use hidden in libc.a.

This is an optimization. But on some targets (i386) it cannot be
applied because hidden visibility PIE ifunc functions don't work,
so it is gated by NO_HIDDEN_EXTERN_FUNC_IN_PIE.

From -static-pie linked 'int main(){}' this shaves off 71 relative
relocs on aarch64 and reduces code size by about 2k.
 include/libc-symbols.h | 9 +++++++--
 1 file changed, 7 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)
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diff --git a/include/libc-symbols.h b/include/libc-symbols.h
index ea126ae70c..f4dd735555 100644
--- a/include/libc-symbols.h
+++ b/include/libc-symbols.h
@@ -434,13 +434,18 @@  for linking")
   strong_alias(real, name)
-#if defined SHARED || defined LIBC_NONSHARED \
-  || (BUILD_PIE_DEFAULT && IS_IN (libc))
+#if defined SHARED || defined LIBC_NONSHARED
 # define attribute_hidden __attribute__ ((visibility ("hidden")))
 # define attribute_hidden
+/* Mark all symbols hidden in static PIE libc to avoid GOT indirections.  */
+    && IS_IN (libc) && !defined LIBC_NONSHARED
+# pragma GCC visibility push(hidden)
 #define attribute_tls_model_ie __attribute__ ((tls_model ("initial-exec")))
 #define attribute_relro __attribute__ ((section (".data.rel.ro")))