[00/16] Consolidate NSS functionality into nss subdir

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Series Consolidate NSS functionality into nss subdir |


Arjun Shankar Oct. 2, 2023, 12:55 p.m. UTC
  Hi all!

This patch series follows...
...which I posted in June in order to see if I can gather consensus around
moving NSS entry points scattered across the glibc source tree into the
nss/ subdirectory.  At the time, DJ reviewed it and nobody else appeared to
oppose the change, but I held off on pushing it due to the upcoming release
at the time.

This series of patches aims to move the majority of NSS entry points into
nss/.  The first two patches are simply Makefile changes to allow for easy
to read differences in the actual moves that follow.

I'm working through finding and moving other entry points, but I thought I'd
already post this patch series with work that's been done so far.

Once this is done, I'll work on and post a patch to provide a new statically
linked library to allow static NSS.  Details on that here:

Avoiding dlopen in statically linked applications that use nss [#27959]: