[2/15] arm: Add Armv8.1-M Mainline target feature +pacbti

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State Committed
Commit c91bb7b9fc87284f5382d9fb04db0cb10f6c1fe9
Delegated to: Richard Earnshaw
Series arm: Enables return address verification and branch target identification on Cortex-M |

Commit Message

Andrea Corallo Aug. 12, 2022, 3:15 p.m. UTC
  This patch adds the -march feature +pacbti to Armv8.1-M Mainline.
This feature enables pointer signing and authentication instructions
on M-class architectures.

Pre-approved here


	* config/arm/arm.h (TARGET_HAVE_PACBTI): New macro.
	* config/arm/arm-cpus.in (pacbti): New feature.
	* doc/invoke.texi (Arm Options): Document it.

Co-Authored-By: Tejas Belagod  <tbelagod@arm.com>


diff --git a/gcc/config/arm/arm-cpus.in b/gcc/config/arm/arm-cpus.in
index 0d3082b569f..9502a34fa97 100644
--- a/gcc/config/arm/arm-cpus.in
+++ b/gcc/config/arm/arm-cpus.in
@@ -229,6 +229,10 @@  define feature cdecp5
 define feature cdecp6
 define feature cdecp7
+# M-profile control flow integrity extensions (PAC/AUT/BTI).
+# Optional from Armv8.1-M Mainline.
+define feature pacbti
 # Feature groups.  Conventionally all (or mostly) upper case.
 # ALL_FPU lists all the feature bits associated with the floating-point
 # unit; these will all be removed if the floating-point unit is disabled
@@ -743,6 +747,7 @@  begin arch armv8.1-m.main
  isa ARMv8_1m_main
 # fp => FPv5-sp-d16; fp.dp => FPv5-d16
  option dsp add armv7em
+ option pacbti add pacbti
  option fp add FPv5 fp16
  option fp.dp add FPv5 FP_DBL fp16
  option nofp remove ALL_FP
diff --git a/gcc/config/arm/arm.h b/gcc/config/arm/arm.h
index f479540812a..3495ab857ea 100644
--- a/gcc/config/arm/arm.h
+++ b/gcc/config/arm/arm.h
@@ -335,6 +335,12 @@  emission of floating point pcs attributes.  */
 						isa_bit_mve_float) \
+/* Non-zero if this target supports Armv8.1-M Mainline pointer-signing
+   extension.  */
+#define TARGET_HAVE_PACBTI (arm_arch8_1m_main \
+			    && bitmap_bit_p (arm_active_target.isa, \
+					     isa_bit_pacbti))
 /* MVE have few common instructions as VFP, like VLDM alias VPOP, VLDR, VSTM
    alia VPUSH, VSTR and VMOV, VMSR and VMRS.  In the same manner it updates few
    registers such as FPCAR, FPCCR, FPDSCR, FPSCR, MVFR0, MVFR1 and MVFR2.  All
diff --git a/gcc/doc/invoke.texi b/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
index 3936aef69d0..079e34ed98c 100644
--- a/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
+++ b/gcc/doc/invoke.texi
@@ -21002,6 +21002,9 @@  Disable the floating-point extension.
 @item +cdecp0, +cdecp1, ... , +cdecp7
 Enable the Custom Datapath Extension (CDE) on selected coprocessors according
 to the numbers given in the options in the range 0 to 7.
+@item +pacbti
+Enable the Pointer Authentication and Branch Target Identification Extension.
 @end table
 @item  armv8-m.main