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[OG11,committed,04/22] graphite: Rename isl_id_for_ssa_name

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Frederik Harwath Nov. 17, 2021, 4:03 p.m. UTC
The SSA names for which this function gets used are always SCoP
parameters and hence "isl_id_for_parameter" is a better name.  It also
explains the prefix "P_" for those names in the ISL representation.


        * graphite-sese-to-poly.c (isl_id_for_ssa_name): Rename to ...
          (isl_id_for_parameter): ... this new function name.
          (build_scop_context): Adjust function use.
 gcc/graphite-sese-to-poly.c | 21 +++++++++++----------
 1 file changed, 11 insertions(+), 10 deletions(-)


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diff mbox series


diff --git a/gcc/graphite-sese-to-poly.c b/gcc/graphite-sese-to-poly.c
index eebf2e02cfca..195851cb540a 100644
--- a/gcc/graphite-sese-to-poly.c
+++ b/gcc/graphite-sese-to-poly.c
@@ -100,14 +100,15 @@  extract_affine_mul (scop_p s, tree e, __isl_take isl_space *space)
   return isl_pw_aff_mul (lhs, rhs);

-/* Return an isl identifier from the name of the ssa_name E.  */
+/* Return an isl identifier for the parameter P.  */

 static isl_id *
-isl_id_for_ssa_name (scop_p s, tree e)
+isl_id_for_parameter (scop_p s, tree p)
-  char name1[14];
-  snprintf (name1, sizeof (name1), "P_%d", SSA_NAME_VERSION (e));
-  return isl_id_alloc (s->isl_context, name1, e);
+  gcc_checking_assert (TREE_CODE (p) == SSA_NAME);
+  char name[14];
+  snprintf (name, sizeof (name), "P_%d", SSA_NAME_VERSION (p));
+  return isl_id_alloc (s->isl_context, name, p);

 /* Return an isl identifier for the data reference DR.  Data references and
@@ -893,15 +894,15 @@  build_scop_context (scop_p scop)
   isl_space *space = isl_space_set_alloc (scop->isl_context, nbp, 0);

   unsigned i;
-  tree e;
-  FOR_EACH_VEC_ELT (region->params, i, e)
+  tree p;
+  FOR_EACH_VEC_ELT (region->params, i, p)
     space = isl_space_set_dim_id (space, isl_dim_param, i,
-                                  isl_id_for_ssa_name (scop, e));
+                                  isl_id_for_parameter (scop, p));

   scop->param_context = isl_set_universe (space);

-  FOR_EACH_VEC_ELT (region->params, i, e)
-    add_param_constraints (scop, i, e);
+  FOR_EACH_VEC_ELT (region->params, i, p)
+    add_param_constraints (scop, i, p);

 /* Return true when loop A is nested in loop B.  */