powerpc: Remove LINK_OS_EXTRA_SPEC{32, 64} from --with-advance-toolchain

Message ID 20211026185231.156292-1-lamm@linux.ibm.com
State Committed
Commit 9598134a055e9426fa283e51dac178d11af2c668
Series powerpc: Remove LINK_OS_EXTRA_SPEC{32, 64} from --with-advance-toolchain |

Commit Message

Lucas A. M. Magalhaes Oct. 26, 2021, 6:52 p.m. UTC
  Historically this was added to fill gaps from ld.so.cache on early AT
releases. This now are just causing errors and rework. Since AT5.0 the
AT's ld.so is using a correctly configured ld.so.cache and sets the
DT_INTERP to AT's ld.so. This two factors are sufficient for an AT
builded program to get the correct libraries.

GCC congured with --with-advance-toolchain has issues building GlibC
releases because it adds DT_RUNPATH to ld.so and that's unsupported.

2021-03-11  Lucas A. M. Magalhães  <lamm@linux.ibm.com>

	* config.gcc (powerpc*-*-*): Remove -rpath from
 gcc/config.gcc | 10 ----------
 1 file changed, 10 deletions(-)


diff --git a/gcc/config.gcc b/gcc/config.gcc
index fb1f06f3da8..9eba3ece0a9 100644
--- a/gcc/config.gcc
+++ b/gcc/config.gcc
@@ -5088,16 +5088,6 @@  case "${target}" in
 			 echo "/* Use Advance Toolchain $at */"
-			 echo "#undef  LINK_OS_EXTRA_SPEC32"
-			 echo "#define LINK_OS_EXTRA_SPEC32" \
-			      "\"%(link_os_new_dtags)" \
-			      "-rpath $prefix/lib -rpath $at/lib\""
-			 echo
-			 echo "#undef  LINK_OS_EXTRA_SPEC64"
-			 echo "#define LINK_OS_EXTRA_SPEC64" \
-			      "\"%(link_os_new_dtags)" \
-			      "-rpath $prefix/lib64 -rpath $at/lib64\""
-			 echo
 			 echo "#undef  LINK_OS_NEW_DTAGS_SPEC"
 			 echo "#define LINK_OS_NEW_DTAGS_SPEC" \