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[0/2] jit: Add support for complex types

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Petter Tomner Sept. 14, 2021, 11:30 p.m. UTC

The following two patches adds support for complex types in libgccjit.

The complex types already are in the types enum, however they are not usable.

In the patch, to use complex types, the user need to call a option function enabling 
support. In this way, there will be a linking error if someone tries to use complex types
and a too old libgccjit.so, instead of a cryptic out of range enum error message at runtime. 

Since the types already are in the enum, I saw no better way that wouldn't be confusing.  

Patch 1 is implementation and patch 2 is docs and testcases. 

check-jit runs fine on x64 Debian.