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Jan Beulich Feb. 16, 2024, 9:47 a.m. UTC
  PR gas/31388
Like other command line options this should be mentioned in
documentation as well, not just in "as --help" output.
I'm pretty sure it wasn't my idea to have this command line option.
Emitting encodings which are going to fault should imo never go
silently. See how e.g. similar %tmm checking is done without respecting
this option. The only use of the setting that I consider reasonable is
that in process_suffix().


--- a/gas/doc/c-i386.texi
+++ b/gas/doc/c-i386.texi
@@ -293,6 +293,21 @@  generated.
 Valid @var{CPU} values are identical to the processor list of
+@cindex @samp{-moperand-check=} option, i386
+@cindex @samp{-moperand-check=} option, x86-64
+@item -moperand-check=@var{none}
+@itemx -moperand-check=@var{warning}
+@itemx -moperand-check=@var{error}
+These options control if the assembler should check certain instruction
+operands or operand combinations.  An example instructions where operand size
+cannot be inferred from its operands and also hasn't been specified by way of
+an instruction suffix.
+@option{-moperand-check=@var{none}} will make the assembler not perform
+these checks.  @option{-moperand-check=@var{warning}} will make the assembler
+issue a warning when respective checks fail, which is the default.
+@option{-moperand-check=@var{error}} will make the assembler issue an error
+when respective checks fail.
 @cindex @samp{-msse2avx} option, i386
 @cindex @samp{-msse2avx} option, x86-64
 @item -msse2avx