x86: drop stray Size64 from WRSSQ

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Series x86: drop stray Size64 from WRSSQ |


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Jan Beulich March 25, 2024, 10:21 a.m. UTC
  Like for WRUSSQ it's not needed here. The legacy insn had gained it in
the course of zapping Rex64, but that attribute wasn't needed here
either. The APX insn then simply gained it by copy-and-paste, I suppose.


--- a/opcodes/i386-opc.tbl
+++ b/opcodes/i386-opc.tbl
@@ -3113,8 +3113,8 @@  saveprevssp, 0xf30f01ea, SHSTK, NoSuf, {
 rstorssp, 0xf30f01/5, SHSTK, Modrm|NoSuf, { Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 wrssd, 0x0f38f6, SHSTK, Modrm|IgnoreSize|NoSuf, { Reg32, Dword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 wrssd, 0x66, SHSTK&APX_F, Modrm|NoSuf|EVexMap4, { Reg32, Dword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
-wrssq, 0x0f38f6, SHSTK&x64, Modrm|NoSuf|Size64, { Reg64, Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
-wrssq, 0x66, SHSTK&APX_F, Modrm|NoSuf|Size64|EVexMap4, { Reg64, Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
+wrssq, 0x0f38f6, SHSTK&x64, Modrm|NoSuf, { Reg64, Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
+wrssq, 0x66, SHSTK&APX_F, Modrm|NoSuf|EVexMap4, { Reg64, Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 wrussd, 0x660f38f5, SHSTK, Modrm|IgnoreSize|NoSuf, { Reg32, Dword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 wrussd, 0x6665, SHSTK&APX_F, Modrm|NoSuf|EVexMap4, { Reg32, Dword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 wrussq, 0x660f38f5, SHSTK&x64, Modrm|NoSuf, { Reg64, Qword|Unspecified|BaseIndex }