x86: add missing No_qSuf to non-64-bit PTWRITE

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Series x86: add missing No_qSuf to non-64-bit PTWRITE |


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Jan Beulich March 25, 2024, 10:19 a.m. UTC
  While largely benign, it still should have been put there when the
original single template was split (commit a04973848dc5).


--- a/opcodes/i386-opc.tbl
+++ b/opcodes/i386-opc.tbl
@@ -3098,7 +3098,7 @@  rdpid, 0xf30fc7/7, RDPID&x64, Modrm|NoSu
 // PTWRITE instructions.
-ptwrite, 0xf30fae/4, PTWRITE&No64, Modrm|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_sSuf, { Reg32|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
+ptwrite, 0xf30fae/4, PTWRITE&No64, Modrm|IgnoreSize|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_sSuf|No_qSuf, { Reg32|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 ptwrite, 0xf30fae/4, PTWRITE&x64, Modrm|No_bSuf|No_wSuf|No_sSuf, { Reg32|Reg64|Unspecified|BaseIndex }
 // PTWRITE instructions end.