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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
services: Add opensmtpd service. 2016-11-24 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: services: Add git-service. 2016-11-20 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: wrap-python3: Use a bash wrapper for 'python3-config'. (was: python-pycairo in core-updates) 2016-10-16 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
[core-updates] : cycle detected in the references of ...gtk+-3.20.9-bin 2016-10-14 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
guile-dbi: Use libltdl and prefer GUILE_DBD_PATH. 2016-09-16 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: icedtea-8: Hardcode dynamically loaded libraries. 2016-09-10 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: icedtea: Patch dynamically loaded libraries with absolute paths. 2016-09-08 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
: guix: python-build-system: Change pypi-uri to use 2016-06-23 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
: gnu: Add guile-dbi. 2016-06-18 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: Add wiredtiger. 2016-05-26 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: wxmaxima: Wrap with GSETTINGS_SCHEMA_DIR and XDG_DATA_DIRS 2016-05-16 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New
gnu: Add wiredtiger 2016-05-16 =?utf-8?B?5a6L5paH5q2m?= New