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malloc: Run tests without calling mallopt [BZ #19469]

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Florian Weimer June 24, 2016, 5:34 p.m. UTC
The compiled tests no longer refer to the mallopt symbol
from their main functions.  (Some tests still call mallopt
explicitly, which is fine.)

2016-06-24  Florian Weimer  <fweimer@redhat.com>

	[BZ #19469]
	* malloc/Makefile (CPPFLAGS): Compile tests with
	* test-skeleton.c (main): Only call mallopt if !TEST_NO_MALLOPT.
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diff --git a/malloc/Makefile b/malloc/Makefile
index fa1730e..0ca15d6 100644
--- a/malloc/Makefile
+++ b/malloc/Makefile
@@ -166,3 +166,7 @@  $(objpfx)libmemusage.so: $(libdl)
 # Extra dependencies
 $(foreach o,$(all-object-suffixes),$(objpfx)malloc$(o)): arena.c hooks.c
+# Compile the tests with a flag which suppresses the mallopt call in
+# the test skeleton.
+CPPFLAGS += $(if $(filter $(*F),$(tests) $(test-srcs)),-DTEST_NO_MALLOPT)
diff --git a/test-skeleton.c b/test-skeleton.c
index d9bf989..5a90c65 100644
--- a/test-skeleton.c
+++ b/test-skeleton.c
@@ -346,8 +346,10 @@  main (int argc, char *argv[])
   unsigned int timeoutfactor = 1;
   pid_t termpid;
   /* Make uses of freed and uninitialized memory known.  */
   mallopt (M_PERTURB, 42);
   setbuf (stdout, NULL);