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[08/17,v6] Prevent the rtld mapfile computation from dragging in __stack_chk_fail*.

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Nix March 13, 2016, 3:16 p.m. UTC
From: Nick Alcock <nick.alcock@oracle.com>

The previous commit prevented rtld itself from being built with
-fstack-protector, but this is not quite enough.  We identify which
objects belong in rtld via a test link and analysis of the resulting
mapfile.  That link is necessarily done against objects that are
stack-protected, so drags in __stack_chk_fail_local, __stack_chk_fail,
and all the libc and libio code they use.

To stop this happening, use --defsym in the test librtld.map-production
link to force the linker to predefine these two symbols (to 0, but it
could be to anything).  (In a real link, this would of course be
catastrophic, but these object files are never used for anything else.)

v2: New.
v6: Dummy out stack_chk_fail_local too.

	* elf/Makefile (dummy-stack-chk-fail): New.
	($(objpfx)librtld.map): Use it.
 elf/Makefile | 13 ++++++++++++-
 1 file changed, 12 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
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diff --git a/elf/Makefile b/elf/Makefile
index 0037cca..d1e29a58 100644
--- a/elf/Makefile
+++ b/elf/Makefile
@@ -349,9 +349,20 @@  $(objpfx)dl-allobjs.os: $(all-rtld-routines:%=$(objpfx)%.os)
 # are compiled with special flags, and puts these modules into rtld-libc.a
 # for us.  Then we do the real link using rtld-libc.a instead of libc_pic.a.
+# If the compiler can do SSP, build the mapfile with dummy __stack_chk_fail
+# and __stack_chk_fail_local symbols defined, to prevent the real things
+# being dragged into rtld even though rtld is never built with stack-protection.
+ifeq ($(have-ssp),yes)
+dummy-stack-chk-fail := -Wl,--defsym='__stack_chk_fail=0' \
+			-Wl,--defsym='__stack_chk_fail_local=0'
+dummy-stack-chk-fail :=
 $(objpfx)librtld.map: $(objpfx)dl-allobjs.os $(common-objpfx)libc_pic.a
 	@-rm -f $@T
-	$(reloc-link) -o $@.o '-Wl,-(' $^ -lgcc '-Wl,-)' -Wl,-Map,$@T
+	$(reloc-link) -o $@.o $(dummy-stack-chk-fail) '-Wl,-(' $^ -lgcc '-Wl,-)' -Wl,-Map,$@T
 	rm -f $@.o
 	mv -f $@T $@