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Patch Date Submitter Delegate State
[04/29] Allow rusage work on a big-endian 32bit-on-64bit target 2014-10-27 Andrew Pinski New
[03/29] Add ability for the IPC structures (msqid_ds, semid_ds, shmid_ds, etc.) to have time_t being 64bit 2014-10-27 Andrew Pinski New
[02/29] Allow sigset be an array of a different type 2014-10-27 Andrew Pinski New
[01/29,AARCH64] Fix utmp struct for compatibility reasons. 2014-10-27 Andrew Pinski New
[libc] __tls_get_addr with link_map * instead of modid 2014-10-18 Jan Kratochvil New
[RFC] Add support for linux memfd_create syscall 2014-10-17 David Herrmann New
[roland/Wshadow] -Wshadow 2014-10-13 Roland McGrath New
Elision, both for s390 and x86_64, should be enabled via --enable-lock-elision=yes. 2014-09-29 Carlos O'Donell Under Review
glibc/sysdeps/microblaze/bits/atomic.h: Avoid include recursion to cause compiling break 2014-09-21 Chen Gang New
[v2] __builtin_expect cleanup for iconv{,data}/*.c (was: Re: [PATCH] __builtin_expect cleanup for iconvdata/*.c) 2014-09-09 Florian Weimer Under Review
fix include files to support non-GNU compilers 2014-09-01 Mikulas Patocka Changes Requested
[BZ,17251] Calculate RPATH $ORIGIN from absolute path 2014-08-12 Brennan Shacklett New
[BZ,#16573] Fix for hang when using mtrace with MALLOC_TRACE set 2014-08-08 Kwok Cheung Yeung New
[v3] Handle possible vararg promotion of mode_t in open and friends 2014-08-03 Rasmus Villemoes New
[5/6,BZ,#11588] x86_64: Remove assembly implementations for pthread_cond_* 2014-07-30 Gratian Crisan New
[4/6,BZ,#11588] benchtests: Add benchmarks for pthread_cond_* functions 2014-07-30 Gratian Crisan New
[3/6,BZ,#11588] pi-condvars: add tst-condpi2.c, priority inversion avoidance test 2014-07-30 Gratian Crisan New
[2/6,BZ,#11588] pi-condvars: add tst-condpi1.c, basic API test 2014-07-30 Gratian Crisan New
[1/6,BZ,#11588] pi-condvars: add protocol support to pthread_condattr_t 2014-07-30 Gratian Crisan New
assert.h: allow gcc to detect assert(a = 1) errors 2014-07-16 Jim Meyering New
re_search out-of-memory patch 2014-06-27 Paul Eggert New
[PING] Fix build warning in pthread_rwlock_* 2014-06-24 Ondrej Bilka New
Add NI_NUMERICSCOPE support to getnameinfo 2014-06-20 Rich Felker New
Eliminate third argument from _JMPBUF_UNWINDS 2014-06-15 Andreas Schwab Changes Requested
[v2] nptl: optimize cancelstate and canceltype changing 2014-06-15 Alexander Fyodorov New
[3/4] resolv: fix issues when using IPv6 name servers only 2014-06-13 Aurelien Jarno Changes Requested
[2/4] resolv: fix nsaddr_list array indexing 2014-06-13 Aurelien Jarno Changes Requested
[PATCHv2] Fix static TLS exhaustion by TLS descriptors 2014-06-03 Kyle McMartin New
[BZ,#16907] Sync argp.h __attribute__ with gnulib. 2014-06-03 Ondrej Bilka New
sys/time.h: Remove comment about timercmp and add test 2014-05-21 Rasmus Villemoes New
[RFC,v2] Add reallocarray function. 2014-05-18 Rüdiger Sonderfeld Under Review
[roland/getpid] Simplify getpid handling of the race case. 2014-05-09 Roland McGrath New
Use statfs64() in shm_open() and posix_getpt(). 2014-04-13 Peter TB Brett Changes Requested
[1.2] Clean up netgroupcache 2014-04-11 Ondrej Bilka New
Never try to execute the file in ldd 2014-03-24 Andreas Schwab New
[PING] Add missing ICMPv6 flags and options 2014-03-18 Dan Lüdtke New
Ping^5.1: [PATCH][v3] Add dynamic linker support for $EXEC_ORIGIN. 2014-03-14 Brooks Moses New
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