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[2/2] Update the FreeBSD system call table to match FreeBSD 12.0.

Message ID 20181003173005.19581-3-jhb@FreeBSD.org
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John Baldwin Oct. 3, 2018, 5:30 p.m. UTC
Add a script to generate the FreeBSD XML system call table from the
sys/sys/syscall.h file in the kernel source tree.  For ABI
compatiblity system calls used by older binaries (such as
freebsd11_kevent()), the original system call name is used as an

Run this script against the current syscall.h file in FreeBSD's head
branch which is expected to be the file used in 12.0 (head is
currently in code freeze as part of the 12.0 release process).


	* syscalls/update-freebsd.sh: New file.
	* syscalls/freebsd.xml: Regenerate.
 gdb/ChangeLog                  |   5 ++
 gdb/syscalls/freebsd.xml       | 107 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 gdb/syscalls/update-freebsd.sh |  77 ++++++++++++++++++++++++
 3 files changed, 167 insertions(+), 22 deletions(-)
 create mode 100755 gdb/syscalls/update-freebsd.sh
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diff --git a/gdb/ChangeLog b/gdb/ChangeLog
index 1f679b48ed..c359821fd2 100644
--- a/gdb/ChangeLog
+++ b/gdb/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,8 @@ 
+2018-10-03  John Baldwin  <jhb@FreeBSD.org>
+	* syscalls/update-freebsd.sh: New file.
+	* syscalls/freebsd.xml: Regenerate.
 2018-10-03  John Baldwin  <jhb@FreeBSD.org>
 	* break-catch-syscall.c (catch_syscall_split_args): Update for
diff --git a/gdb/syscalls/freebsd.xml b/gdb/syscalls/freebsd.xml
index 810258a850..773e0be5f8 100644
--- a/gdb/syscalls/freebsd.xml
+++ b/gdb/syscalls/freebsd.xml
@@ -24,12 +24,14 @@ 
   <syscall name="wait4" number="7"/>
   <syscall name="link" number="9"/>
   <syscall name="unlink" number="10"/>
+  <syscall name="execv" number="11"/>
   <syscall name="chdir" number="12"/>
   <syscall name="fchdir" number="13"/>
-  <syscall name="mknod" number="14"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_mknod" number="14" alias="mknod"/>
   <syscall name="chmod" number="15"/>
   <syscall name="chown" number="16"/>
   <syscall name="break" number="17"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_getfsstat" number="18" alias="getfsstat"/>
   <syscall name="getpid" number="20"/>
   <syscall name="mount" number="21"/>
   <syscall name="unmount" number="22"/>
@@ -50,7 +52,7 @@ 
   <syscall name="kill" number="37"/>
   <syscall name="getppid" number="39"/>
   <syscall name="dup" number="41"/>
-  <syscall name="pipe" number="42"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd10_pipe" number="42" alias="pipe"/>
   <syscall name="getegid" number="43"/>
   <syscall name="profil" number="44"/>
   <syscall name="ktrace" number="45"/>
@@ -69,12 +71,16 @@ 
   <syscall name="chroot" number="61"/>
   <syscall name="msync" number="65"/>
   <syscall name="vfork" number="66"/>
+  <syscall name="vread" number="67"/>
+  <syscall name="vwrite" number="68"/>
   <syscall name="sbrk" number="69"/>
   <syscall name="sstk" number="70"/>
-  <syscall name="vadvise" number="72"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_vadvise" number="72" alias="vadvise"/>
   <syscall name="munmap" number="73"/>
   <syscall name="mprotect" number="74"/>
   <syscall name="madvise" number="75"/>
+  <syscall name="vhangup" number="76"/>
+  <syscall name="vlimit" number="77"/>
   <syscall name="mincore" number="78"/>
   <syscall name="getgroups" number="79"/>
   <syscall name="setgroups" number="80"/>
@@ -95,6 +101,8 @@ 
   <syscall name="bind" number="104"/>
   <syscall name="setsockopt" number="105"/>
   <syscall name="listen" number="106"/>
+  <syscall name="vtimes" number="107"/>
+  <syscall name="vtrace" number="115"/>
   <syscall name="gettimeofday" number="116"/>
   <syscall name="getrusage" number="117"/>
   <syscall name="getsockopt" number="118"/>
@@ -119,27 +127,42 @@ 
   <syscall name="quotactl" number="148"/>
   <syscall name="nlm_syscall" number="154"/>
   <syscall name="nfssvc" number="155"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_statfs" number="157" alias="statfs"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_fstatfs" number="158" alias="fstatfs"/>
   <syscall name="lgetfh" number="160"/>
   <syscall name="getfh" number="161"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_getdomainname" number="162" alias="getdomainname"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_setdomainname" number="163" alias="setdomainname"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_uname" number="164" alias="uname"/>
   <syscall name="sysarch" number="165"/>
   <syscall name="rtprio" number="166"/>
   <syscall name="semsys" number="169"/>
   <syscall name="msgsys" number="170"/>
   <syscall name="shmsys" number="171"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_pread" number="173" alias="pread"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_pwrite" number="174" alias="pwrite"/>
   <syscall name="setfib" number="175"/>
   <syscall name="ntp_adjtime" number="176"/>
   <syscall name="setgid" number="181"/>
   <syscall name="setegid" number="182"/>
   <syscall name="seteuid" number="183"/>
-  <syscall name="stat" number="188"/>
-  <syscall name="fstat" number="189"/>
-  <syscall name="lstat" number="190"/>
+  <syscall name="lfs_bmapv" number="184"/>
+  <syscall name="lfs_markv" number="185"/>
+  <syscall name="lfs_segclean" number="186"/>
+  <syscall name="lfs_segwait" number="187"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_stat" number="188" alias="stat"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_fstat" number="189" alias="fstat"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_lstat" number="190" alias="lstat"/>
   <syscall name="pathconf" number="191"/>
   <syscall name="fpathconf" number="192"/>
   <syscall name="getrlimit" number="194"/>
   <syscall name="setrlimit" number="195"/>
-  <syscall name="getdirentries" number="196"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_getdirentries" number="196" alias="getdirentries"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_mmap" number="197" alias="mmap"/>
   <syscall name="__syscall" number="198"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_lseek" number="199" alias="lseek"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_truncate" number="200" alias="truncate"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_ftruncate" number="201" alias="ftruncate"/>
   <syscall name="__sysctl" number="202"/>
   <syscall name="mlock" number="203"/>
   <syscall name="munlock" number="204"/>
@@ -147,15 +170,16 @@ 
   <syscall name="futimes" number="206"/>
   <syscall name="getpgid" number="207"/>
   <syscall name="poll" number="209"/>
-  <syscall name="freebsd7___semctl" number="220"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd7___semctl" number="220" alias="__semctl"/>
   <syscall name="semget" number="221"/>
   <syscall name="semop" number="222"/>
-  <syscall name="freebsd7_msgctl" number="224"/>
+  <syscall name="semconfig" number="223"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd7_msgctl" number="224" alias="msgctl"/>
   <syscall name="msgget" number="225"/>
   <syscall name="msgsnd" number="226"/>
   <syscall name="msgrcv" number="227"/>
   <syscall name="shmat" number="228"/>
-  <syscall name="freebsd7_shmctl" number="229"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd7_shmctl" number="229" alias="shmctl"/>
   <syscall name="shmdt" number="230"/>
   <syscall name="shmget" number="231"/>
   <syscall name="clock_gettime" number="232"/>
@@ -170,6 +194,7 @@ 
   <syscall name="ffclock_getcounter" number="241"/>
   <syscall name="ffclock_setestimate" number="242"/>
   <syscall name="ffclock_getestimate" number="243"/>
+  <syscall name="clock_nanosleep" number="244"/>
   <syscall name="clock_getcpuclockid2" number="247"/>
   <syscall name="ntp_gettime" number="248"/>
   <syscall name="minherit" number="250"/>
@@ -180,18 +205,19 @@ 
   <syscall name="aio_read" number="255"/>
   <syscall name="aio_write" number="256"/>
   <syscall name="lio_listio" number="257"/>
-  <syscall name="getdents" number="272"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_getdents" number="272" alias="getdents"/>
   <syscall name="lchmod" number="274"/>
   <syscall name="netbsd_lchown" number="275"/>
   <syscall name="lutimes" number="276"/>
   <syscall name="netbsd_msync" number="277"/>
-  <syscall name="nstat" number="278"/>
-  <syscall name="nfstat" number="279"/>
-  <syscall name="nlstat" number="280"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_nstat" number="278" alias="nstat"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_nfstat" number="279" alias="nfstat"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_nlstat" number="280" alias="nlstat"/>
   <syscall name="preadv" number="289"/>
   <syscall name="pwritev" number="290"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_fhstatfs" number="297" alias="fhstatfs"/>
   <syscall name="fhopen" number="298"/>
-  <syscall name="fhstat" number="299"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_fhstat" number="299" alias="fhstat"/>
   <syscall name="modnext" number="300"/>
   <syscall name="modstat" number="301"/>
   <syscall name="modfnext" number="302"/>
@@ -205,11 +231,17 @@ 
   <syscall name="getsid" number="310"/>
   <syscall name="setresuid" number="311"/>
   <syscall name="setresgid" number="312"/>
+  <syscall name="signanosleep" number="313"/>
   <syscall name="aio_return" number="314"/>
   <syscall name="aio_suspend" number="315"/>
   <syscall name="aio_cancel" number="316"/>
   <syscall name="aio_error" number="317"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_aio_read" number="318" alias="aio_read"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_aio_write" number="319" alias="aio_write"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd6_lio_listio" number="320" alias="lio_listio"/>
   <syscall name="yield" number="321"/>
+  <syscall name="thr_sleep" number="322"/>
+  <syscall name="thr_wakeup" number="323"/>
   <syscall name="mlockall" number="324"/>
   <syscall name="munlockall" number="325"/>
   <syscall name="__getcwd" number="326"/>
@@ -222,12 +254,15 @@ 
   <syscall name="sched_get_priority_min" number="333"/>
   <syscall name="sched_rr_get_interval" number="334"/>
   <syscall name="utrace" number="335"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_sendfile" number="336" alias="sendfile"/>
   <syscall name="kldsym" number="337"/>
   <syscall name="jail" number="338"/>
   <syscall name="nnpfs_syscall" number="339"/>
   <syscall name="sigprocmask" number="340"/>
   <syscall name="sigsuspend" number="341"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_sigaction" number="342" alias="sigaction"/>
   <syscall name="sigpending" number="343"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd4_sigreturn" number="344" alias="sigreturn"/>
   <syscall name="sigtimedwait" number="345"/>
   <syscall name="sigwaitinfo" number="346"/>
   <syscall name="__acl_get_file" number="347"/>
@@ -246,14 +281,26 @@ 
   <syscall name="getresuid" number="360"/>
   <syscall name="getresgid" number="361"/>
   <syscall name="kqueue" number="362"/>
-  <syscall name="kevent" number="363"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_kevent" number="363" alias="kevent"/>
+  <syscall name="__cap_get_proc" number="364"/>
+  <syscall name="__cap_set_proc" number="365"/>
+  <syscall name="__cap_get_fd" number="366"/>
+  <syscall name="__cap_get_file" number="367"/>
+  <syscall name="__cap_set_fd" number="368"/>
+  <syscall name="__cap_set_file" number="369"/>
   <syscall name="extattr_set_fd" number="371"/>
   <syscall name="extattr_get_fd" number="372"/>
   <syscall name="extattr_delete_fd" number="373"/>
   <syscall name="__setugid" number="374"/>
+  <syscall name="nfsclnt" number="375"/>
   <syscall name="eaccess" number="376"/>
   <syscall name="afs3_syscall" number="377"/>
   <syscall name="nmount" number="378"/>
+  <syscall name="kse_exit" number="379"/>
+  <syscall name="kse_wakeup" number="380"/>
+  <syscall name="kse_create" number="381"/>
+  <syscall name="kse_thr_interrupt" number="382"/>
+  <syscall name="kse_release" number="383"/>
   <syscall name="__mac_get_proc" number="384"/>
   <syscall name="__mac_set_proc" number="385"/>
   <syscall name="__mac_get_fd" number="386"/>
@@ -265,10 +312,10 @@ 
   <syscall name="uuidgen" number="392"/>
   <syscall name="sendfile" number="393"/>
   <syscall name="mac_syscall" number="394"/>
-  <syscall name="getfsstat" number="395"/>
-  <syscall name="statfs" number="396"/>
-  <syscall name="fstatfs" number="397"/>
-  <syscall name="fhstatfs" number="398"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_getfsstat" number="395" alias="getfsstat"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_statfs" number="396" alias="statfs"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_fstatfs" number="397" alias="fstatfs"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_fhstatfs" number="398" alias="fhstatfs"/>
   <syscall name="ksem_close" number="400"/>
   <syscall name="ksem_post" number="401"/>
   <syscall name="ksem_wait" number="402"/>
@@ -304,6 +351,7 @@ 
   <syscall name="extattr_list_fd" number="437"/>
   <syscall name="extattr_list_file" number="438"/>
   <syscall name="extattr_list_link" number="439"/>
+  <syscall name="kse_switchin" number="440"/>
   <syscall name="ksem_timedwait" number="441"/>
   <syscall name="thr_suspend" number="442"/>
   <syscall name="thr_wake" number="443"/>
@@ -352,12 +400,12 @@ 
   <syscall name="fchmodat" number="490"/>
   <syscall name="fchownat" number="491"/>
   <syscall name="fexecve" number="492"/>
-  <syscall name="fstatat" number="493"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_fstatat" number="493" alias="fstatat"/>
   <syscall name="futimesat" number="494"/>
   <syscall name="linkat" number="495"/>
   <syscall name="mkdirat" number="496"/>
   <syscall name="mkfifoat" number="497"/>
-  <syscall name="mknodat" number="498"/>
+  <syscall name="freebsd11_mknodat" number="498" alias="mknodat"/>
   <syscall name="openat" number="499"/>
   <syscall name="readlinkat" number="500"/>
   <syscall name="renameat" number="501"/>
@@ -373,6 +421,7 @@ 
   <syscall name="msgctl" number="511"/>
   <syscall name="shmctl" number="512"/>
   <syscall name="lpathconf" number="513"/>
+  <syscall name="cap_new" number="514"/>
   <syscall name="__cap_rights_get" number="515"/>
   <syscall name="cap_enter" number="516"/>
   <syscall name="cap_getmode" number="517"/>
@@ -407,4 +456,18 @@ 
   <syscall name="utimensat" number="547"/>
   <syscall name="numa_getaffinity" number="548"/>
   <syscall name="numa_setaffinity" number="549"/>
+  <syscall name="fdatasync" number="550"/>
+  <syscall name="fstat" number="551"/>
+  <syscall name="fstatat" number="552"/>
+  <syscall name="fhstat" number="553"/>
+  <syscall name="getdirentries" number="554"/>
+  <syscall name="statfs" number="555"/>
+  <syscall name="fstatfs" number="556"/>
+  <syscall name="getfsstat" number="557"/>
+  <syscall name="fhstatfs" number="558"/>
+  <syscall name="mknodat" number="559"/>
+  <syscall name="kevent" number="560"/>
+  <syscall name="cpuset_getdomain" number="561"/>
+  <syscall name="cpuset_setdomain" number="562"/>
+  <syscall name="getrandom" number="563"/>
diff --git a/gdb/syscalls/update-freebsd.sh b/gdb/syscalls/update-freebsd.sh
new file mode 100755
index 0000000000..8699faa873
--- /dev/null
+++ b/gdb/syscalls/update-freebsd.sh
@@ -0,0 +1,77 @@ 
+#! /bin/sh
+# Copyright (C) 2011-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+# This file is part of GDB.
+# This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
+# it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
+# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
+# (at your option) any later version.
+# This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
+# but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
+# GNU General Public License for more details.
+# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
+# along with this program.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.
+# Usage: update-freebsd.sh <path-to-syscall.h>
+# Update the freebsd.xml file.
+# FreeBSD uses the same list of system calls on all architectures.
+# The list is defined in the sys/kern/syscalls.master file in the
+# FreeBSD source tree.  This file is used as an input to generate
+# several files that are also stored in FreeBSD's source tree.  This
+# script parses one of those generated files (sys/sys/syscall.h)
+# rather than syscalls.master as syscall.h is easier to parse.
+if [ $# -ne 1 ]; then
+   echo "Error: Path to syscall.h missing. Aborting."
+   echo "Usage: update-gnulib.sh <path-to-syscall.h>"
+   exit 1
+cat > freebsd.xml.tmp <<EOF
+<?xml version="1.0"?>
+<!-- Copyright (C) 2009-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
+     Copying and distribution of this file, with or without modification,
+     are permitted in any medium without royalty provided the copyright
+     notice and this notice are preserved.  -->
+<!DOCTYPE feature SYSTEM "gdb-syscalls.dtd">
+<!-- This file was generated using the following file:
+     /usr/src/sys/sys/syscall.h
+     The file mentioned above belongs to the FreeBSD Kernel.  -->
+awk '
+    next
+/^#define/ {
+    sub(/^SYS_/,"",$2);
+    printf "  <syscall name=\"%s\" number=\"%s\"", $2, $3
+    if (sub(/^freebsd[0-9]*_/,"",$2) != 0)
+        printf " alias=\"%s\"", $2
+    printf "/>\n"
+/\/\* [0-9]* is obsolete [a-z_]* \*\// {
+    printf "  <syscall name=\"%s\" number=\"%s\"/>\n", $5, $2
+/\/\* [0-9]* is freebsd[0-9]* [a-z_]* \*\// {
+    printf "  <syscall name=\"%s_%s\" number=\"%s\" alias=\"%s\"/>\n", $4, $5, $2, $5
+}' $1 >> freebsd.xml.tmp
+cat >> freebsd.xml.tmp <<EOF
+../../move-if-change freebsd.xml.tmp freebsd.xml