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[RFC,16/19] Target FP: Remove unused union

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Ulrich Weigand Sept. 5, 2017, 6:21 p.m. UTC
[RFC][16/19] Target FP: Remove unused "union agent_val" from ax.h

The ax.h header file contains a use of DOUBLEST in the type "union agent_val".

However, that type is never used anywhere, so it can be simply removed.



	* ax.h: Do not include "doublest.h".
	(union agent_val): Remove.
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Index: binutils-gdb/gdb/ax.h
--- binutils-gdb.orig/gdb/ax.h
+++ binutils-gdb/gdb/ax.h
@@ -19,7 +19,6 @@ 
 #ifndef AGENTEXPR_H
 #define AGENTEXPR_H
-#include "doublest.h"		/* For DOUBLEST.  */
 #include "vec.h"
 /* It's sometimes useful to be able to debug programs that you can't
@@ -80,17 +79,6 @@  enum agent_flaws
 /* Agent expression data structures.  */
-/* The type of an element of the agent expression stack.
-   The bytecode operation indicates which element we should access;
-   the value itself has no typing information.  GDB generates all
-   bytecode streams, so we don't have to worry about type errors.  */
-union agent_val
-  {
-    LONGEST l;
-    DOUBLEST d;
-  };
 /* A buffer containing a agent expression.  */
 struct agent_expr