Patchwork Add verbose comments to 'era' in ja_JP locale.

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Submitter TAMUKI Shoichi
Date March 29, 2019, 8:43 a.m.
Message ID <>
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TAMUKI Shoichi - March 29, 2019, 8:43 a.m.
Hello Carlos-san,

From: TAMUKI Shoichi <>
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Add verbose comments to 'era' in ja_JP locale.
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2019 15:53:08 +0900

> Sorry, I am not happy to put the information in ja_JP locale data.
> Since it is necessary to describe similar information in other locale
> data such as *_TW, and also it becomes rather troublesome to maintain,
> it would be better to include the information in a documentation named
> "The locale definition source file format", that is expected to be
> created in Glibc.

If adding the text as shown below, it does not affect to maintain era
data, so there may be no problem.  It is available in *_TW as well.

The rest of the information is independent of the specific locale data
and it is appropriate to include it in a separate document.

Please be aware that we will be in the process of adding entry for the
new Japanese era to ja_JP locale data for several days from now.

TAMUKI Shoichi


diff --git a/localedata/locales/ja_JP b/localedata/locales/ja_JP
index 9bfbb2bb9b..983b866650 100644
--- a/localedata/locales/ja_JP
+++ b/localedata/locales/ja_JP
@@ -14946,6 +14946,12 @@  am_pm	"<U5348><U524D>";"<U5348><U5F8C>"
 t_fmt_ampm "%p%I<U6642>%M<U5206>%S<U79D2>"
+% The era names are laid out in groups of 2 to account for the desire
+% to avoid using '1' for the first era year.  Instead of '1' we use
+% <U5143> or "origin" as the first era year.
+% Note that <U5E74> or "year" follows each year number.
 era	"+:2:1990//01//01:+*:<U5E73><U6210>:%EC%Ey<U5E74>";/